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    Words On Writing

    One Word At A Time

    Stephen King is quoted as saying “The work is always done one word at a time.” It plays on repeat within my mind as I try to overcome this irrational fear I have of writing again. What if the little writing skills I had have disappeared from lack of use? What if I don’t have anything important to contribute? What if…? The only way to turn that negative self-talk around is to just do it. Write. One word at a time. Even if it is rough around the edges. Even if no one is reading. It truly should not matter. I am a writer. I need to put words down…

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    Little Bits and Pieces of Me

    The writing out process of sharing little bits and pieces of me stopped shortly before my divorce. My last post was in August of 2013, but I left it up for a number of years afterwards, hoping that the things I had written about my past and my mental health issues would be of some help to someone. Some time in 2018 or early 2019, I took the site completely down due to financial issues with hosting. I couldn’t write during the end of my marriage as I was always so open about myself online, but the divorce and what the children & I went through is where I found…