• Top 5 Blogging Goals
    Blog Prompt Challenge

    2020 Blog Goals

    The 4th Blogging Prompt is Blog Goals. Goals are great to have as they make the journey more fun, but they should never be a ‘do or die’ type thing. What I want for this blog on this day may be very different from the direction it ends up taking. This may or may not be in any particular order. First and foremost, I want to do what I have always tried to do and that is to help others. I am truly grateful to all those who have written me notes (since 1997) in regards to something I’ve written helping them in dealing with their past or with their…

  • Trust me, as you get to know me, I just get weirder.
    Mental Health

    Friendships & Mental Health

    Friendships & Mental Health… That’s a crappy blog title, isn’t it? That damn title is the reason why it has taken me so long to write this piece. I have finally given up and accepted that this is the headline. What I want the title to be is: “Even Though I Have Depression/Anxiety, I Can Be a Good Friend – Most of the Time”. Or “I’m A Little Off. Can We Still Be Friends?”. I wonder a lot how other people in my position handle friendships. It is hard enough to make/maintain friendships after 40 51, but throw in a little wackiness on top of it and you might sometimes…

  • Joy Bringers Blogging Prompt
    Blog Prompt Challenge

    Joy Bringers

    Getting back to my self-imposed blogging challenge, the 3rd prompt is Joy Bringers. Can’t get easier than that, right? Let’s see: My children. My parents, brother & sister. My atypical relationship with GOD & Jesus. My BFF. Let’s not forget writing (thank goodness I am doing it again). Learning digital art definitely brings me joy. Reading and bullet journaling bring me joy, but those are in the column: Would Like To Do, But Don’t. Oh and throw scrapbooking in there too. Lastly, I can actually put myself under this umbrella. I can bring myself joy. (I’m not talking about THAT, sir — get your mind out of the gutter.) I…

  • Be Afraid Live Anyway
    Mental Health

    Be Afraid But Live Anyway

    So, I came along this graphic on Facebook that basically says “Be Afraid But Live Anyway”: It reminded me of a session I had with a psych doc about six or so years ago. I had become very agoraphobic again after a trip to the grocery store. My oldest was walking along side of me while I had the twins in the cart and I was asking them to not stand up and the other one to stop touching everything. A man came up and started addressing my kids. He said something like “You need to listen to your mother. Very bad things happen to kids when they don’t listen.…

  • This is probably what my brain looks like when I am writing - everything coming out at once not melding together as perhaps they should
    Blog Prompt Challenge,  Words On Writing

    Writing Motivation

    The second blog prompt on the list is “Writing Motivation”. I don’t know what in the world I was thinking. Other than perhaps I thought in a desperate ADHD type moment that it would come to me right before I started to put my fingers on the keyboard. It hasn’t happened like that. I don’t have one single defining answer for you as to what is my current writing motivation. In the past, I’ve focused my writing with the goal in mind to help others, especially those with mental health issues. I always felt so alone in my head growing up that I had this overwhelming need to open up…