• Melissa Olivero Feb. 2020
    Blog Prompt Challenge

    10 Things About Me in 2020

    Silly title: 10 Things About Me in 2020. Can I even think of 10 things I’d want to share with the future me that will probably read this off the WayBack Machine site in 10 years years from now? Basically I am writing this as part of my self-imposed blogging challenge I posted about yesterday. I would love for you to join me… use #lbapblogprompts on Instagram so I can brag here and on all social media that I have a new blogging friend. I’m a typical suburban mom. I drive a white minivan, love my Starbucks Very Berry Refreshers, and wear mom jeans. Also, I definitely have a mom…

  • 202 Prompts for New Bloggers
    Words On Writing

    Prompts for New Bloggers

    In figuring out what to write about, I began looking up phrases for prompts for new bloggers. I realize that as I’ve been blogging since 1996, I cannot be considered new. Seeing how it has been over 6 years though, I am declaring myself Blogging Virgin… revirginized? I don’t know. What I do know is that whether you are a new blogger or one, like me, coming back from a long absence, it can be a little overwhelming. Almost scary to look at a blank page and wonder what the f*ck am I going to talk about? So I spent some time researching various blogging challenges and those 101 blog…

  • Crockpot Top Round Recipe
    Cooking - Kind Of

    Crockpot Top Round London Broil Recipe

    I was craving some sort of roast and in the Greenwise section of Publix meats, they had this beautiful Top Round that I had to pick up yesterday. After searching around the Internet, I found directions that weren’t intimidating on AllRecipes.com: Slow Cooker London Broil Recipe. This morning I ran out to get the missing ingredients and got it into the crock-pot by 9am.  We did things just a little differently and I thought I would share since the meat part came out YUMMY! Crock Pot Top Round London Broil Recipe (based on the one linked above using suggestions from their comment section) 2-3 lbs of Top Round 1 can of…

  • Family Control Center LittleBitsandPieces

    Family Command Center and Chore Charts

    I dream of being an organized person. I have read the best books on the subject. I have a love/hate relationship with the Flylady. While I probably have enough knowledge and skills to be a professional organizer, I usually find it impossible to structure myself. My new Family Command Center (or Control Center) and chore charts have improved that a thousand-fold. After searching on Pinterest for a while, I chose my favorite ideas that were in my budget both money and space-wise. I picked up the dry erase calendar at Target. I had searched Office Depot and Staples first, but didn’t see anything that I liked. Finding it at Target…