Melissa Olivero Feb. 2020
Blog Prompt Challenge

10 Things About Me in 2020

Silly title: 10 Things About Me in 2020. Can I even think of 10 things I’d want to share with the future me that will probably read this off the WayBack Machine site in 10 years years from now? Basically I am writing this as part of my self-imposed blogging challenge I posted about yesterday. I would love for you to join me… use #lbapblogprompts on Instagram so I can brag here and on all social media that I have a new blogging friend.

Yes. For those who haven't seen me since high school - I am basically the opposite of the skeleton I used to be. I blame the twins. And soda. But not the chocolate.
  1. I’m a typical suburban mom. I drive a white minivan, love my Starbucks Very Berry Refreshers, and wear mom jeans. Also, I definitely have a mom bod, in case you didn’t notice. Oh well.
  2. Most of the time, I am really okay with being 51. Hopefully you can tell by the complete lack of filters or make up.
  3. I lead a very busy, but uninteresting life. I like it though.
  4. I am liberal (in case you have never seen my twitter feed). You can be whatever you like. It is your choice and basically none of my business.
  5. I am an unpublished author. I’ve written one self-help book that I’ve shown to maybe two people. I also have about 40 different beginnings to 40 different novels. That is its own story.
  6. I rediscovered God & Jesus a few years back which might come as a surprise to anyone who knew me during my witchy days. I still struggle on how to blend my old beliefs with the new and I will never ever fit the typical Christian mold. I’d rather refer to myself as a Jesus Follower than a Christian, if that makes any sense. I belong to a Disciples of Christ church and currently volunteer as their social media manager.
  7. I’ve been divorced since 2014, but I really haven’t dated much. I tried in the beginning, but things were too chaotic and it made it harder on the kids so I made a choice not to — most of the time I’m okay with it. Some days I consider downloading Tinder or whatever, but…. no. I do have a crush or two, but I’m too chicken I guess.
  8. I have dealt with mental health issues since I was 12 and had a nervous breakdown in the mid-90s. I don’t mind talking about it when there is a purpose behind the story telling. For the record, I deal with major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder (with bouts of agoraphobia), ADHD, and CPTSD (stands for complex post traumatic stress disorder usually reserved for those victims of childhood and/or sexual abuse rather than war or police work). For years this blog focused on mental health advocacy and I am sure I will repost most of it, but I don’t know if that will really be at the forefront of my writing during this season of my life.
  9. I sing a lot. In my head. And out loud to annoy my children. (Poor things – I am not gifted with a good voice.) Most of the time, I find it annoying as I usually can only remember a few lines from any of the songs that play on my never-silent brain radio. OH and get this: it doesn’t have to be actual melodies… the other day I had Gomer Pyle saying “Surprise Surprise Surprise” on a loop while simultaneously having the Woody the Woodpecker laugh trying to compete on who could be louder. On a more typical day, it is me singing a strange mix of nursery rhymes, commercial jingles, old 70s & 80s TV theme songs and Christmas carols. I spend a lot of time trying to convince myself it is part of my charm to belt out unexpectedly, “My bologna has a first name….”.
  10. This was originally titled 20 things, but I changed it to 10 as I need to go play with Paint Shop Pro & Daydreamlane now.

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