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The 4th Blogging Prompt is Blog Goals. Goals are great to have as they make the journey more fun, but they should never be a ‘do or die’ type thing. What I want for this blog on this day may be very different from the direction it ends up taking. This may or may not be in any particular order.

First and foremost, I want to do what I have always tried to do and that is to help others. I am truly grateful to all those who have written me notes (since 1997) in regards to something I’ve written helping them in dealing with their past or with their mental health issues. I have printed out and kept each one as they mean the world to me. That is why I will continue to repost almost all of the old posts regarding my past and my struggles. I will pick back up where I left off in being as open as I can with how I cope or about the days when I don’t cope. It would be nice to go back to doing what I can to make my corner of the world feel a little less alone and a lot more loved.

Next, I want to use this to get back to writing. I was supposed to be a published author by now. LOL I seriously had not written a word basically since August of 2013. My written world stopped. If I can find the habit of writing here, then eventually I can work on my novel again. Or the self-help I actually did finish. Or something new. Or one of the many first chapters I’ve written to many different stories, but that is for another post.

Open to reviewing local events, products, & services that I truly love

Along the way, I hope to learn about affiliate stuff. Meaning that the next time I write about a service or a product I love that I have figured out how to benefit a small bit by it. If you click on what is called an affiliate link and purchase something, you would pay the usual price, but I would get a small *finders fee* for sending you over to that site. Now most of the time, when I recommend anything, there is nothing in it for me other than getting to share about something I am passionate about. And you have my word that I will only speak highly of things that I actually think highly of.

Gamer Family

Perhaps it is a need to communicate with other adults? I spend a great deal of time with teenagers and two are avid gamers. Enough said.

What makes my soul groove?

I must also include what writing has always done for me and that is helping me to grow as a person and exploring more of what fascinates my soul. I want to talk about rediscovering GOD and building a relationship with Jesus. I want to share about finding a church that I almost feel comfortable in and I am still figuring out how to deal with that some of my beliefs will never fit in. Or to confess that I have not been able to go to church even once this year and how I have missed everyone and some of the things that have prevented me from going.

blog goals

These are my blog goals. Or you can call it a blogging mission statement. I don’t think much has changed outside of the fact that I am able to put words down and out there. And I want to be brave enough to perhaps try to make the blog a profitable one as long as I do not have to compromise myself.

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