• Trust me, as you get to know me, I just get weirder.
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    Friendships & Mental Health

    Friendships & Mental Health… That’s a crappy blog title, isn’t it? That damn title is the reason why it has taken me so long to write this piece. I have finally given up and accepted that this is the headline. What I want the title to be is: “Even Though I Have Depression/Anxiety, I Can Be a Good Friend – Most of the Time”. Or “I’m A Little Off. Can We Still Be Friends?”. I wonder a lot how other people in my position handle friendships. It is hard enough to make/maintain friendships after 40 51, but throw in a little wackiness on top of it and you might sometimes…

  • Be Afraid Live Anyway
    Mental Health

    Be Afraid But Live Anyway

    So, I came along this graphic on Facebook that basically says “Be Afraid But Live Anyway”: It reminded me of a session I had with a psych doc about six or so years ago. I had become very agoraphobic again after a trip to the grocery store. My oldest was walking along side of me while I had the twins in the cart and I was asking them to not stand up and the other one to stop touching everything. A man came up and started addressing my kids. He said something like “You need to listen to your mother. Very bad things happen to kids when they don’t listen.…