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Family Command Center and Chore Charts

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I dream of being an organized person. I have read the best books on the subject. I have a love/hate relationship with the Flylady. While I probably have enough knowledge and skills to be a professional organizer, I usually find it impossible to structure myself. My new Family Command Center (or Control Center) and chore charts have improved that a thousand-fold.

After searching on Pinterest for a while, I chose my favorite ideas that were in my budget both money and space-wise.

Dry erase calendar from Target purchased in 2013

I picked up the dry erase calendar at Target. I had searched Office Depot and Staples first, but didn’t see anything that I liked. Finding it at Target was a happy surprise. The photo shows June and part of July. You can see that I write in the dates myself and I try to use different colors for different people/categories but it usually winds up being whatever I grab first. Also, I use both dry and wet erase markers. I tend to use the wet ones on repeating items or things I absolutely have to remember so they can’t disappear accidentally.

At the end of every month, before I erase anything, I take a photo of the calendar. This way, I can upload them all and not save all the paper calendars like I used to.

Above the calendar is a shelf I also got at Target. I have a box up there holding the markers and the push pins. The pins are because in the same organization aisle were these cork tiles. I believe it was four to a package. We used one under the calendar and the other three on the side of a cabinet (not shown). There are also a couple of knick-knacks on the shelf.

My favorite part are the children’s dry erase chore charts.

12 year old boy chore chart
Chore Chart for 8 year old girl
Chore Chart for 8 year old boy

Michael’s craft store was having a sale on frames, so I was able to pick up 3 black wood ones for not a lot of money. I created the chore chart blanks using some free digital scrapbooking kits I have picked up over the years. Then in Corel PaintShop Pro,I put everything together in addition to creating six blank boxes. I printed them out on heavy cardstock and inserted them into the frames. I use the glass of the frame as a dry erase board and assign each child age-appropriate chores.

I will be creating some free printable chore charts like these and will have them ready early next week if you are interested.

The chore charts are working out great. We have only switched the chores around once and it was a breeze to do. I do use the wet erase markers on these. I think they are easier to read and no one can smudge them.

Do you have your own family command center? I would love to hear about it, especially if you have photos to share.

(This was originally posted to the site in July of 2013. When I find the printables, I will link them from here. Please re-pin with the new correct url. Thank you!)

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