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Joy Bringers

Getting back to my self-imposed blogging challenge, the 3rd prompt is Joy Bringers. Can’t get easier than that, right?

Let’s see: My children. My parents, brother & sister. My atypical relationship with GOD & Jesus. My BFF. Let’s not forget writing (thank goodness I am doing it again). Learning digital art definitely brings me joy. Reading and bullet journaling bring me joy, but those are in the column: Would Like To Do, But Don’t. Oh and throw scrapbooking in there too. Lastly, I can actually put myself under this umbrella. I can bring myself joy. (I’m not talking about THAT, sir — get your mind out of the gutter.)

My joy bringers - my gifts from GOD - my children
A few years back we got to visit the Hyatt House at Christmas time.

I can’t really talk about my kids though. Beyond the usual safety reasons, 2 out of 3 would prefer that I don’t write about them outside the bare minimum. My oldest son is 18. My boy/girl twins will be 15 shortly. They are pieces of my heart walking around outside of my body. All three are truly amazing incredible people and it is an honor to be their mom.

My parents are definitely joy bringers
Mom & Dad

My parents are definitely big on their privacy, so they are pretty much off limits too. I will share that they live close by and they are my best friends. I am beyond blessed that they are a part of my life. My brother and his beautiful family live a little north of us, so we don’t get to visit as often as we would like. My sister is brilliant and beautiful and a true hero – my children and I are very lucky to have her in our lives.

Moving along to GOD, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit, to be honest, I don’t know them well enough to speak about them. My relationship with them is not the typical Christian type that you hear about in the media. I believe that Jesus died for our sins, but I also believe that there are many paths to GOD. And different paths to your connection to the universe may change and evolve over time during all the amazing seasons of life you experience. My attempts at praying in gratitude every morning are indeed a great source of joy.

Me and Christine at the Irish Pub a few years back.

My BFF is Christine. I’ve known her since 6th grade and we’ve been close friends since turning 14 years old. She is beautiful, super intelligent, hard working, and has an amazing heart. We share so much history (almost 40 years!), that I’m sure I’ll be sharing stories that include her often.

Digital art is the first tool I found to actually help me after having a nervous breakdown in 1997-1998. Learning how to make “sig tags” (just adding names to other folks art), was what helped me to get out of bed. I moved on to learning & eventually teaching a course on copyright law in reference to using artwork found online. I made a few attempts at learning how to digital paint, but I am best in “art assembly” — using licensed art to create “tags” that folks use in their email or on their websites. I have another website called Daydreamlane that I use for my digital art stuff.

Bullet Journaling layout from 2018 which may just be the last time I used it though it really helped tremendously when I put the effort in

If I were better with time management, many of my hours would be filled with digital art, bullet journaling & planning (just being organized), and scrapbooking mostly because I think our stories are important, even the silly boring moments.

Part of my Piers Anthony collection

Books are my passion. I used to own so many that my living room could rival a small town library. For some reason, when I lost my ability to write during the end of my marriage … I couldn’t sit down to read a book either.

There have been a few exceptions… my friend, Bill Friday published an amazing poetry book: A Death on Skunk Street which I probably reread every few months or so. As soon as I restarted blogging though, I finally was able to pick up He, She, and It (again) by Marge Piercy which is my favorite all time book. I say ‘again’ because my copy was falling apart and I figured the best way to ease back into reading is to choose a book that I know I would have a hard time putting back down. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hopefully a "Before" photo of Me. One day..
Hopefully this can be a “Before” picture before the end of the year.
Hey, a girl can have hope!

Best of all, I bring myself joy because I finally found that self-acceptance I went searching for so many years ago when I founded this blog. I am still allowed to not be crazy over every little part of me: I may not particularly like my body or that I continue to deal with mental health issues… but I do love myself and what could be more joyful than that?

If I might ask, what are your joy bringers?


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