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One Word At A Time

Stephen King is quoted as saying “The work is always done one word at a time.” It plays on repeat within my mind as I try to overcome this irrational fear I have of writing again.

What if the little writing skills I had have disappeared from lack of use?

What if I don’t have anything important to contribute?

What if…?

The only way to turn that negative self-talk around is to just do it. Write. One word at a time. Even if it is rough around the edges. Even if no one is reading. It truly should not matter.

I am a writer. I need to put words down somewhere. Even if it is only one word at a time. It is okay to come to a point in your life where not everything you do has to be for others. You can choose to be creative just for yourself.

What if… ?

Aren’t the “what ifs” in life worth writing about? If the words are struggling to come out, find tools to push through those self-created walls. Use a writing prompt. Or a content calendar. Morning pages. Find one of those lists of crazy holidays and use whatever today is as a jumping off point. Or maybe just write about the “what if”. Write about the fears. One word at a time. One post at a time.

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