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Prompts for New Bloggers

In figuring out what to write about, I began looking up phrases for prompts for new bloggers. I realize that as I’ve been blogging since 1996, I cannot be considered new. Seeing how it has been over 6 years though, I am declaring myself Blogging Virgin… revirginized? I don’t know.

What I do know is that whether you are a new blogger or one, like me, coming back from a long absence, it can be a little overwhelming. Almost scary to look at a blank page and wonder what the f*ck am I going to talk about?

So I spent some time researching various blogging challenges and those 101 blog idea type of posts, but nothing quite fit. Of course, I ended up creating my own.

Blogging Prompts for New Bloggers 2020 #lbapblogprompts
Want to play along? Us the hashtag #lbapblogprompts on IG or Twitter so I can link to you!

I may not do them in this exact order, but I actually like the flow of it. I am challenging myself to complete these 30 posts within the next 45. Why that long? Because I still have my bad days and my busy days, so I decided to cut myself some slack.

For me, the hardest one will probably be the Facebook Top 10 as I am really not active on there. Sometimes I pop into art & blogging groups or someone texts me to tell me that they have sent me something on messenger. I think I would like to make the page that is dedicated to this site active again. I started it in 2011, but it has been inactive basically since I temporarily gave up writing in 2013.

The easiest will be “Joy Bringers”. I’ll give you a hint: they are all teenagers!

Which blogging prompts will be the easiest and/or hardest for you?

And oh yes, I’ll start tomorrow. 🙂

I created this sig tag as a template Challenge for an IO group called DAH (Digital Art Heaven). The beautiful wolf was painted by the artist: Sandi Baker. The art was purchased for this use through Digital Art Heaven.
(I’ve been relearning how to do sig tags. You can see them at my other site: Daydreamlane)

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