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    2020 Blog Goals

    The 4th Blogging Prompt is Blog Goals. Goals are great to have as they make the journey more fun, but they should never be a ‘do or die’ type thing. What I want for this blog on this day may be very different from the direction it ends up taking. This may or may not be in any particular order. First and foremost, I want to do what I have always tried to do and that is to help others. I am truly grateful to all those who have written me notes (since 1997) in regards to something I’ve written helping them in dealing with their past or with their…

  • This is probably what my brain looks like when I am writing - everything coming out at once not melding together as perhaps they should
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    Writing Motivation

    The second blog prompt on the list is “Writing Motivation”. I don’t know what in the world I was thinking. Other than perhaps I thought in a desperate ADHD type moment that it would come to me right before I started to put my fingers on the keyboard. It hasn’t happened like that. I don’t have one single defining answer for you as to what is my current writing motivation. In the past, I’ve focused my writing with the goal in mind to help others, especially those with mental health issues. I always felt so alone in my head growing up that I had this overwhelming need to open up…

  • Melissa Olivero Feb. 2020
    Blog Prompt Challenge

    10 Things About Me in 2020

    Silly title: 10 Things About Me in 2020. Can I even think of 10 things I’d want to share with the future me that will probably read this off the WayBack Machine site in 10 years years from now? Basically I am writing this as part of my self-imposed blogging challenge I posted about yesterday. I would love for you to join me… use #lbapblogprompts on Instagram so I can brag here and on all social media that I have a new blogging friend. I’m a typical suburban mom. I drive a white minivan, love my Starbucks Very Berry Refreshers, and wear mom jeans. Also, I definitely have a mom…